Power Generator Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals provides reliable power generation rental equipment, custom designed power solutions, and 24/7 emergency service. From job site commercial power to standby power generators for facilities, we have the experience to meet the most intricate of power generator setups and the expansive power requirements for industrial, construction and commercial applications.

Meeting your emergency, portable, supplemental or temporary power needs

From towable to containerized generators, our power generation capabilities range up to 2,000 kW units, giving you the flexibility you need to build a power generation solution appropriate for your project size and scope.

We also offer a vast inventory of complementary power generator rental equipment and accessories including switchgear, distribution, load banks, fuel tanks, transformers, ground protection, and more.

Power failure contingency plan: backup generator rental

When disasters strike, whether natural or man-made, your facility’s day-to-day operations stand the risk of complete shutdown. Without a dependable backup power solution, you’re vulnerable to lost data, production time, and revenues. Sunbelt Rentals will work with you to develop and implement a customized preparedness plan to fit your backup needs and budget.

Emergency and temporary power solutions and portable generator rentals

When emergencies happen, we quickly deliver power generation systems when and where you need them. Our power generator rentals supply consistent and reliable power under difficult conditions for any length of time.

Industrial utility and backup generators

At Sunbelt Rentals, we work with well-known utilities and electrical contractors to provide industrial power solutions during both planned and unplanned power outages. You can rely on our expertise in all of the essential aspects of utility power, from off-grid power provision to peak shaving during high demand periods.

Short term power generator rentals for entertainment and special events

From movie sets, large events, festivals, to outdoor celebrations, Sunbelt Rentals provides dependable power generator rentals for entertainment venues and special events of all sizes. From initial site survey and installation to event manning and teardown, our power generator experts are on call 24/7 to walk you through every step of the process.

Mission critical power generation

Sunbelt Rentals provides power generator rentals for your mission critical needs. Whether during construction, ongoing operation, or routine maintenance, our extensive fleet of power generators and distribution equipment are available for rent as primary or backup power supplies.

Load banks

Our load banks enable your commissioning team to simulate real world conditions and validate power supplies, HVAC systems, and critical infrastructure to ensure your facility or installation will perform as designed.

Cable calculations made easy

Our expert-designed free online Cable Calculator safely, simply and accurately sizes cable for connecting temporary power or a load bank. No more hand-calculating or worrying about overloading - our Cable Calculator helps save time on the job so you can get to work.

Be prepared for the unpredictable

When natural disasters strike, preparation and the right equipment are essential for helping your community recover. Our Disaster Recovery Equipment Guide is an easy-to-use tool for determining the equipment you need to be ready to respond to different types of disasters.

Rent with peace of mind

Our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) ensures that when the unexpected happens during a rental period, like theft or accidental damage, you're covered. Although optional, the RPP can cover gaps in insurance coverage and liabilities that aren't big enough to file a claim.

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