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Environmental, Social and Governance

Being a responsible business has always been crucial to us. We are passionate about our people, the environment, and the communities in which we live and work. We care deeply about making the best impact possible on all our stakeholders and we are proud of the impact we have had in helping our people, customers, suppliers, and communities. When we announced our new strategic plan, Sunbelt 3.0 last year, for the first time, we embedded our ESG priorities. This added a layer of transparency and accountability to the work we do in this area and has placed ever greater emphasis on our environmental and social priorities. We have always said that being responsible is in our DNA but now it’s front and center, and visible in everything we do.


The rental industry is hugely beneficial for the environment as it leads to the most efficient use of equipment and the manufacture of fewer assets. Significant carbon emissions and consumption of earth’s natural resources take place during the manufacture of a piece of equipment. At the end of its life, that equipment requires disposal. Fewer, better designed pieces of equipment utilized as part of a sharing economy are better for our planet. Learn more about Sunbelt Rentals Environmental Policy.

Protecting the environment has always been an important element of how we work. We report on how we use resources efficiency, reduce the impact of our business on the environment and provide a greener fleet to our customers. Learn about our commitments and achievements

Social – Our People

Our people are the key ingredient that makes our business possible.  Health and safety is the backbone of our business and culture. Our extensive health and safety programs monitor, develop and maintain safe working practices while reminding our employees of the need to be safe at all times and look after their own health.  In addition, we know that a skilled and committed workforce is fundamental to our success. Our labor management policies are designed to ensure we take the very best care of our people.

We report on how we invest in health and safety, recruit, train, develop, retain and reward the very best peopleLearn more about our people

Social – Our Communities

Playing a big role in our local communities is crucial in all our markets and massively important to our sense of purpose as an organization. As we expand our market share we have ever more impact and influence, enhancing the communities in which we operate, through employment, opportunity and community involvement.

We report on how we are contributing to our communities through job creation, community initiatives and charitable activity. Learn more about our role in local communities


Our commitment to the highest ethical standards means that we work to ensure these are communicated and upheld throughout the business. We believe in the rights of individuals and take our responsibilities to all our employees seriously and those who may be affected by our activities.

We report on maintaining regulatory compliance, our commitment to business ethics, training, whistleblowing arrangements and supply chain sustainability and diversity. Learn more about our governance


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