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Battery energy storage systems outside of a warehouse.

Battery Energy Storage Systems, a Sustainable Energy Solution

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a sustainable energy storage solution that collects and stores energy from the grid or a generator and then discharges it later to provide a reliable source of electricity when needed. BESS units can have a wide range of power and storage capacities.


What is a Battery Energy Storage System?


A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a multicomponent system able to store varying amounts of energy and use it later for a multitude of purposes, including supplementing generator or grid power. BESS units are rated for power capacity (measured in kW) and energy capacity (measured in kWh).


How does a Battery Energy Storage System work?


A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) collects energy and stores it using battery storage technology. When needed, batteries discharge and release the stored energy.

Here’s how it works:

  • When the grid or generator is supplying power to the site, excess power is used to recharge the batteries. Excess power is created when the energy demand is less than the minimum output of the generator. It is typically lost as wasted heat.
  • The BESS inverter converts the stored DC energy into AC energy. When the BESS is disconnected from the grid or the generator is switched OFF, the energy load is supplied by the BESS. The changeover is seamless, and the BESS quietly provides power.
  • The generator restarts when batteries are depleted or when the energy load exceeds what the unit can support.

BESS units are designed to maximize both kilowatts (kW) and kilowatt hours (kWh). If you use the system to reduce utility charges during peak hours, the system can efficiently charge many times over short durations of time. If you need the system for backup power, it is designed to discharge over a longer period. 


What are the benefits of a Battery Energy Storage System?


With a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), you can reap both economic and environmental benefits, offering sustainability regarding a reduction in your carbon footprint, as well as noise pollution.

  • Produces critical power needed for projects without running diesel 24/7, which is ideal for maximizing the load efficiency of generators.
  • Reduces diesel fuel consumption (and cost) typically by 40% to 60% – and as much as 95% – depending on the application.
  • Reduces generator run times by as much as 90%.
  • Uses telematics (or machine intelligence) for optimal energy management.
  • Requires minimal in-service maintenance – drastically reducing maintenance costs.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (CO2) by 83%.
  • Offers long periods of silent and emission-free operation when the battery unit is providing power, making it a desirable choice when working near schools, hospitals, residential areas, and at entertainment venues. 


What are Battery Energy Storage Systems used for?


Battery Energy Storage Systems can be used to supply renewable, reliable, eco-friendly power where and when needed in the following applications:

  • Mission-critical data centers
  • Outdoor entertainment events
  • Construction sites, including jobsite trailers
  • Office, warehouse, and other commercial uses
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities


Should I rent or buy a Battery Energy Storage System?


Renting a Battery Energy Storage System from Sunbelt Rentals is a smart choice for your business and your bottom line. Owning this equipment can tie up capital and reduce your business’s ability to react to changing market conditions. In addition to freeing up cash, a battery energy storage system rental cuts costs by eliminating the need for storage, maintenance and repair parts, a service area, and maintenance staff. Our rental professionals have extensive product knowledge and can provide expert advice and training.


Innovative Energy Solutions


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