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A Project This Big Needs the Very Best in Equipment Rental. Enter Sunbelt.

In New York — perhaps more than anywhere else — time is money. 

That’s particularly true on-site at the Hudson Yards megaproject, a neighborhood of massive high-rises and new amenities currently under development on Manhattan’s west side. It’s a job where everyone from mechanical and electrical experts to concrete and masonry teams are working to navigate tight quarters and hit aggressive deadlines. The expectations are high, and that leaves little room for error.

When we first started working with those on-site teams at Hudson Yards, many of them had never used Sunbelt Rentals before. They soon discovered just how much we have to offer.

We promised a full catalog of equipment — from aerial work platforms and forklifts to contractor tools and generators — delivered on time, every time. And that’s what we provide. When a service call comes in, we respond within an hour. When we don’t have what a customer needs, we find it. And we ensure every customer gets the training they need to operate our equipment safely. For this project to date, we’ve conducted more than 100 safety training classes, whenever and wherever requested.

Now, at any given moment, you’ll find roughly 500 pieces of Sunbelt Rentals equipment at the Hudson Yards project. We have quickly become the largest equipment provider on site, serving customers from every trade. 

We know our way around a tough job. Our team of experts has seen just about everything. And no matter what the working conditions, we know the priority is always the same: Our customers want quality equipment delivered when they need it. So that’s what we provide, each and every time.